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One Source Branding & Media will develop an individualized marketing strategy through our Facebook Marketing packages.

Facebook marketing benefits

best ways to connect and grow a social following online

Being one of the largest social media platforms, it provides insight into its users’ interests, likes, dislikes, personal life, and buying behavior. This large database of information can be tapped into by your business or organization to generate high-quality leads, sales inquiries and traffic to your website.

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connect with customers

1.6 billion Facebook users are connected to a small business

With the addition of new smart marketing features, such as chatbots, the marketplace, 360- videos, new targeting capabilities, and the algorithm updates, Facebook has evolved in a lot of ways that has changed the reasons to use Facebook marketing strategies for all companies.

How can posts grow your business?

Facebook is a fantastic way to reach out to your audience on different levels. By posting information, photos, videos and stories, the content you share can:

Personalize your brand

Promote the culture of your organization

Generate more traffic directly to your website

Educate and create awareness about your industry

Drive users to your blog

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