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10 Reasons To Hire An Agency To Build Your Site

“Do I order my website from a professional designer? Do I attempt to do it on my own, or do I let my brother-in-law do it since he claims he knows how to design a professional website for my business in under one hour?”

If you’ve considered building a website for your business, surely, you’ve considered the above questions. 

If your website is a hobby, then it is perfectly acceptable to design your website yourself. While drop and drag website templates are acceptable for personal sites, when it comes to business websites, they are utterly inferior to custom websites built by a professional web designer.   

Here, we will discuss the 10 reasons why you should hire a professional website designer

1.Invest your valuable time in what you know how to do

When it comes to business, you must understand that time is money. So why are you wasting your precious time on a task that you are not an expert in? In general, things that can be delegated should be delegated. You should spend your time focusing on the aspects of your business that really “need you” and require your expertise. Overall, why are you wasting your time trying to learn a new skill when you can be focusing on getting more clients. Therefore, from a purely economic standpoint, it makes complete sense to hire a web designer for your business website. 

2. A designer is aware of trends

Trends in web design are always changing. Website designs from just 6 months ago, can become obsolete. Likewise, you may think that this or that design, from the aesthetic point of view, is very cool, but perhaps it is somewhat old-fashioned. A professional designer will be able to advise you accordingly.

3. Focus on web design on SEO and sales

Designers have a relatively basic understanding of SEO. Organic positioning is complex, and designers are designers, not SEO experts. Still, they know just enough not to avoid amateur SEO mistakes, such as putting any phrase in a headline or site description. 

4. You need a user-friendly website  

Professional web designers are experts in the concept of “usability” and how it influences your site’s positioning and ranking in Google. 

You have to develop the website in such a way that it is super easy for the average user to navigate. 

The usability and user experience are one of many factors that Google considers when ranking your website. 

5. A functional design without thousands of options

Users looking for your product do not want to spend several minutes looking for purchase options or payment methods. Creating an intuitive and functional website can be much more interesting than filling you’re website with dozens of menus and confusing the user. Besides, a simple design will help your page load earlier, which also benefits SEO. 

6. Mobile optimization

Professional web designers are trained to optimize your website for mobile phones, tablets, or iPad users. It is very unlikely that your website traffic will come entirely from a desktop; as such, you must have a responsive quality design. The current trend shows us that websites with fluidity and design similar to applications are the ones that succeed no matter what industry. 

7. Don’t Abandon Your Website

Having a quality website does not mean starting to generate money and forgetting it. Every system needs maintenance, and your website is no different. Make sure that you have hired a maintenance service for user registration, stock management, content creation, and someone to resolve technical problems that may arise later. Overall, hiring a team of experts keeps your website up to date. 

8. Don’t forget about Search Engine Marketing

Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy is important. Make sure you manage your social networks frequently, offer adequate content for your followers and target audience.  The RRSS can be a great support to generate traffic in the first phase, and in fact, they also help to reinforce search engine positioning thanks to the constant creation of links to your website. A professional web design service can talk with you about the best practices for SEM.  

9. Your professional image

A good designer has been trained to communicate the seriousness that business deserves. This is achieved through not only the words but the layout, the general message of the site, the fonts, and the colors.

A good designer has been trained to express the image and seriousness that your business deserves.

10. Without SEO you are nobody

Web traffic is summarized in search engines. The most important in our country is Google, and your page must have the necessary parameters to appear in the searches of the users, who may be potential clients. It is one of the most critical sections, and although it is not magic, if it is well implemented, it will gradually grow to become one of your primary weapons to attract customers. In summary, good SEO optimization will make you appear above your competition in search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Website design cost may be pricier at times, but One Source Branding & Media offers you different options around your budget. As mentioned, your business NEEDS a professional website to compete with other companies in 2020. 


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