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From the day he opened his first business, Jonathan Roll struggled to find a brand that would fit him and his hard work. He tried to make one from scratch but was not able to get the attention of his customers. When Ryan came into the picture, they worked together and found what Jonathan needed to finally grow his business: The Perfect Brand!

The Perfect Brand

Ryan was sitting in a chair with papers scattered all around. He had just finished meeting Jonathan whose idea was to re-brand his business but he wasn’t sure exactly what his brand should be. Ryan asked questions like “What type of service does your company offer?” and “Where would you see yourself selling this service?” After answering these questions, he then said to Jonathan “I want to help you find the perfect brand for your company”.

What did Jonathan say that sparked Ryan’s interest? Jonathan knew he wanted to target a clientele that can be reached anywhere in the united states. Not only was his service easy to communicate but Jonathan had a big milestone to reach. That’s when Ryan knew Jonathan was thinking of franchising his business but he didn’t have the right look or feel for it.

Jonathan’s Business

Jonathan’s business breaks down pretty easily on paper and he has grand goals. both factors play a huge role in Spray iFoam’s brand. SprayiFoam LLC services work for residential, commercial, and agricultural infrastructures. Since it is a necessity for any home & business. It’s a better option than fiberglass. A service that’s quickly overtaking the market for home insulation. With Ryan’s help, Jonathan could create a business that towered over his competitors.

The Vision

Ryan knew exactly what must happen to form Jonathan’s perfect brand. First Jonathan had to clear goals for his business with timed expectations. Second, he must find out what audience he needs to market for. Third, creating his marketing and brand to meet his audience’s expectations was essential. Lastly, Jonathan needed a strategy to attract his audience and learn what keywords they use.

The Creation of the Perfect Brand

Once Ryan established who Jonathan’s audience is and what they like and dislike. Then that’s when Ryan established concepts for his visual appeal. from the logo, colors, shirt designs, and the filter used on branded photography for his business. That’s when Jonathan knew that his goals can become a reality with Ryan spearheading the brand strategy. On top of the visual aesthetics, he also created targeted keywords for Sprayifoam, created subpages for each service that sprayiFoam offers, and used other SEO tactics that search browsers love to index.

The Growth

SprayiFoam LLC grew so fast within the next two years that it established multiple locations across the southeast region of the United States. Ryan and Jonathan knew that it was time to start a Franchising opportunity program across the United States. Now the franchising opportunity program was released in the summer of 2021 with three parties who have completed their applications! Jonathan has also expanded his business to cover other areas of home remodeling services. In the likes of, an HVAC business and roofing business for his home state of Alabama. On top of all his quick success– Jonathan’s services were featured in a television show on the Magnolia network (Building off the Grid) which is a Discovery Plus show.

The Importance of a Brand Strategist

A brand is more than just a tool. It’s how you communicate with your audience about your services and your positioning amongst competitors. Keeping it simple with clearly defined goals is a part of the learning process for a successful brand. With a brand strategist, we can help bring out the best intentions of your business so your audience knows what kind of company they are working with. Through clear visions, reaching your goals is a reality and leveraging the skills of a brand strategist is your first step in taking your brand to the next level.



Ryan & the film crew travel to Tennesee to meet with Jonathan Roll on the shooting for “Building off the Grid” TV show. Dreams do come true but only through clear goals and deadlines.


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