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Five Tips To Help Grow And Build Your Facebook Page

  1.  Fine Tune The Call To Action Button: Be sure the button is pointing visitors to the right place. Make sure you are using the button that is most beneficial to your business and you have all the correct links to point your visitors to. 
  2. Customizing The Template: Choose the business page template that goes best with what you are offering to potential buyers! Facebook provides settings that allow you to choose a template depending on your business type. Make sure you are building out your page to your business’s full potential to provide visitors with the most value!
  3. Tailor The Tabs: Once you choose the correct template that best fits your business, there will be tabs on your left-hand side that give people more info about your business. Be sure to choose which tabs are beneficial for you and turn off the tabs that you don’t want to use. Tabs can also be arranged to importance, this is a great way to quickly share important information about the page!
  4. Get Verified: Gray verification badges are available to local or smaller businesses and organizations. This will give you a checkmark by your business name! A badge confirms that this is an authentic business page or organization! This basically gives your Facebook page credit and validation.
  5. Use A Video For The Facebook Banner: Using a branded video as your Facebook banner will grab attention as soon as you get visitors to your page and will immediately provide the information you want people to see right away. Create a short video that provides the information you want people to know about your business right away.

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