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Why you Should be Increasing Marketing Efforts in a Pandemic

increase your engagement during a pandemic blog post by onesource branding and media in sanford florida

It’s no secret that the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted the global economy, significantly harming small businesses throughout the world.  However, despite the adversity, as a business, it’s essential to continue with your marketing efforts and maintain visibility within your industry. Below we will discuss the primary reasons why you should be increasing and not decreasing your marketing efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pandemic is Changing Purchasing Behaviors

Since the pandemic began to hit the US in February, more people have been forced to stay at home for the majority of their day. Specifically, kids are learning remotely, and most jobs have adopted a system for employees to work from home as well. With limited stores open and extremely long lines at the stores that are open, most consumers have turned to online shopping. The reality is that despite the stay-at-home orders, consumers still need their goods and services.

With that being said, traditional marketing is struggling as a result of the virus. However, digital marketing and social media marketing is increasing. Given the fact that most data show that online activity has increased and will probably increase over the next couple of months, there’s never been a better time to get your brand on social media and/or online.

Moreover, now is the time to refine your digital marketing strategy and launch an email newsletter, podcast, webinar, or pillar page that helps your audience navigate their challenges during these times. Likewise, with so many consumers online, it may be a good time to build your email list and subscribers.

Marketing is the Bloodline of your Business

As the pandemic continues and a recession is upon us, the last thing that you want to do is halt all of your business’s marketing efforts. Marketing is the bloodline of your business. Cutting or significantly decreasing your marketing will severely damage or, even worse, kill your overall business. It’s tempting to falsely believe that marketing can be turned on and off. However, that’s not how marketing works. Instead, marketing typically builds up slowly and builds momentum over time. The more you do it, the more momentum you gain, and the more effective it will be.  

During the pandemic, you can improve your legitimacy by having a strong online presence. It’s important to let your audience and customers know that you are still available and willing to support your customers throughout this challenging time.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Won’t Last Forever

The COVID-19 pandemic won’t last forever. As such, businesses need to stay positive and look to the future and plan accordingly.

Particularly, as a business, you should focus on planning strategically for the next few months, keeping in mind various strategies and outcomes. When the world regains some stability, most companies will be looking to reinstate their digital marketing efforts, that may have been halted during the pandemic. However, as mentioned above, if you genuinely want to have the edge over your competitors, you should never stop marketing during the pandemic.

Whether the world reopens in the next three months or six months, you and your business should be ready to return to normal by using every opportunity during the pandemic to remain proficient and visible within your industry.


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